Raay Shine Global Enterprise, Singapore (RSGE) and Raay Shine General Trading, Dubai (RSGT) are both international Buyer/Seller of bulk commodities, specialized in importing and exporting agro products particularly Rice, pulses wheat, lentils beans. We also specialize in Petroleum products, particularly jet fuel and diesel.  In short span the Raay Shine has become a reputable oil and gas industry traders in Far East and Middle East region.

We leverage our industry expertise and our oil trading experience, to meet up our client’s supply and demand using high-efficient sea transportation. Our scope of business encompasses Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. With our offices strategically located in Singapore and Dubai, provides us with enormous competitive advantages and access to core business and our people.

Raay Shine have been buying fuel oil, gas Oil, Diesel Oil and other derivatives as title holders of the product for forward trading. Also we bridge our associate petrochemical and petroleum companies, and act as consultants for procurement, storage and transportation or as joint venture partners.

Key Global players in the energy market greatly value our expertise, opinions and technical knowhow. Our premium on integrity coupled with our vast network within the energy market has evolved in to some very successful partnerships, long term commitments and delighted clients.


RSGT was incorporated in 2008 with the objective of connecting global supply and demand of oil and gas industry around the world. The company remained Focused on sourcing, supplying and trading in Pharmaceuticals, Agro Products, Metal trading, petrochemical and oil products.

RSGE was incorporated in 2020 in Singapore, with strong understanding on diversity of international market. To take a strong position of geographical hub of store and forward. We execute trading with valuable insights and strategic assets operation. Our foundation enables us to optimize supply chain from business management on production service, transport storage to delivery of products.

With over a decade of industry experience Raay Shine is proficient in handling commodities in accordance with international standards & specification. The company have fulfilled need of clients and transported 800 hundred million barrels of petroleum across MENA, APAC and West Africa region.

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