Agro Tech

Our agro division strongly supports our Prime ministers Amtmanirbhar program. It has a deep focus on eradicating hunger and championing food security among the population.

Our agro division is led by the belief that we create the maximum with the minimum stress on our natural resources like water, environment, chemical free organic products by zero tillage and propagation by natural means. We grow and propagate food products which are safe, nourishing nontoxic and very healthy – just as your grandmothers might have wanted you to consume

Ray shine having realized that food is an inherent human right and the right to food is universal as is the right to breathe
We have used pioneering state of the art technology like precision agriculture, hydroponics, water recycling, zero tillage, drip micro irrigation in our agro division.

Techniques like Water harvesting, watershed development, wasteland reclamation, and anti-desertification measures, Recycling of solid and liquid wastes, and composting, extensive use of solar and biogas energy are standard in our operations.

Our Agro division is headquartered at our Integrated Organic Farms in Jaindapur Village in Haryana where we have our Mushroom Growing Units. Our Mushroom Growing Units are using Israeli and Dutch Technology to produce over MT per annum

Our Other units consists of raising of organic animal feed with Nutrition. Our Hydroponically raised fodder is used to raise animals by local farmers.

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