Ware Housing and Logistics

Raay Shine Group has taken over the operations of the largest cold storage in south India measuring about 1,50,000 sqft built up area. It was constructed in 2016 with close proximity to the port. It maintains a temperature of 7 to 8 degree Celsius suitable for all pulses, chilies, coriander etc.

The ware house is ideally located for both local and export players in close proximity to markets and the Chennai port. We have state of the art facility with 20 in house staffs and technically sound operators for the smooth functioning of the warehouse.

Our Cold Storage facility is also available at reasonable rates to farmers and those lacking Cold Storage infrastructure.

We provide highly flexible space and storage solutions along with logistical support and value addition by forwarding, customs and fast track services, extensively use software to monitor inventory in the warehouse and shipping and also advise our clients on End to end traceability, Replenishment based on FEFO, FIFO or minimum freshness, Cartonization / optimal pallet building.

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